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Press of The Courier Company, Limited, Bath. A'. )'. 


now in Ibeaven, II fcefcicate tbis little 
volume wbicb sbe belpefc to ma^e. 

k NE of the pleasantest returns to the writer for his labor 
in compiling this little work has been the many cour- 
tesies he has received from his kinsmen and friends all over 
the world, who have generously aided in making this record 
what it is. To them, one and all, he offers sincere thanks. 
But he feels especially indebted to the following for the assist- 
ance they have freely and frequently given : 

CAPT. CHARLES D. PARKHURST, of Fortress Monroe, Va. 
MR. EDSON SALISBURY JONES, of Port Chester, N. Y. 
DR. LEWIS EVANS PARKHURST, M. A., of London, Eng. 
REV. WILLIAM H. PARKHURST, of Cape Colony, S. Africa. 

English jfamil. 

word u Parkhurst " is of Norman and French 
derivation, being composed of " pare " (French for 
park) and " hurst " (the Anglo-Saxon for wood). The family 
name dates back to the entrance of William the Conqueror 
in England, and the derivation of the word suggests that it 
was contemporaneous with the beginning of French influence 
in England. The word " Parkhurst " first appears in the 
Doomsday book, published in 1086, which mentions " Park- 
hurst forest " in the Isle of Wight. This was the earliest 
recorded royal park, a district of three thousand acres, nomi- 
nally held by the government. It was, however, a public 
common, and was enclosed in 1815, eleven hundred and fifty 
acres being reserved by the crown as a nursery for navy tim- 
ber. Near this is a village called Parkhurst, and a few miles 
away is Osborne House, Queen Victoria's winter residence. 
[Murray's Handbook of Surrey, Hants and the Isle of Wight, 
(1876) page 427.] 

The family emigrated from the Isle of Wight between four 
and five hundred years ago, and built " Parkhurst Manor," 
in Surrey County, England, between Epsom and Guilford. 
Here is where we find the earliest authentic record of the 
family, in George Parkhurst, of Guilford, who was the father 
of Bishop John Parkhurst, born at Guilford, Surrey County, in 
1511. George Parkhurst was living at Guilford the latter part 
of the XVth century. George Parkhurst, Jr., of Watertown, 
Mass., named his oldest son John, and this custom has been 
continued by his descendants, including the present genera- 
tion. Dr. Lewis E. Parkhurst, of London, who belongs to the 
Guilford (Surrey County) branch, states that there has been a 


similar custom of naming the eldest son John in his family, 
in England, for many generations. 

Parkhnrst Manor, about twenty-five miles south of London, 
between Epsom and Guilford, remained in possession of 
the family until 1745. In 1629, Sir Robert Parkhurst, who 
was afterward Lord Mayor of London, held his court there. 
From Surrey County the family seems to have divided into 
four branches, viz : Guilford, Norfolk, London and Catesby, 
whose coats-of-arms are identical, showing beyond question 
their common ancestry. From which one of these branches 
the American family sprang has not yet been conclusively 
proved, but in all probability George Parkhurst, of Guilford, 
Surrey County, was the great grand-father of George Park- 
hurst, who settled in Watertown, Mass. The name George 
appears almost exclusively in this branch, as well as the name 
John, which first comes into the family with Bishop John 
Parkhurst in 1511-1512. We find the same combination of 
family names in this branch, which exists in the American 
family, namely : George Parkhurst, naming his son George, 
and George Parkhurst, Jr., naming his son John. The names 
George and John appear very rarely, if at all, in the other 
branches of the English family. 

Manning and Bray's History of Surrey, Vol. i, shows the 
following Parkhursts living in Guilford : 

George Parkhurst, Sr., 30 Henry VIII (1539). 

George Parkhurst, Jr., 30 Henry VIII (1539), page 32. 

George Parkhurst, Mayor of Guilford, 1522, 1529, 1536, 
page 38. 

Henry Parkhurst, Mayor of Guilford, 1573, page 39. 

Thomas Parkhurst, Mayor of Guilford, 1604, 1609, 1615, 
1623, l6 34, page 39. 

George Parkhurst, father of Bishop John, page 79. 

Bishop John Parkhurst was a " Bachelor of Divinitie " at 
Oxford in 1529. Three years later he entered holy orders, 
though more fond of poetry and oratory than divinity. At 
length he became rector of the rich church of Clive, in Glou- 
cestershire, where he did much good by his hospitality and 


charity. Soon after the death of King Edward, on account 
of his liberal views he incurred the displeasure of Queen 
Mary, and was for a time in danger of his life. He went into 
exile at Zurich, Switzerland, during the remainder of her 
reign. Returning to England, he was appointed Bishop of 
Norwich by Queen Elizabeth in 1560, which he held until 
his death, February 2d, 1574. (Visitation of Norfolk, 1563, 
Norfolk Arch. Soc., Vol. 2, page 15.) He translated the 
"Apocrypha " in the Bible, commanded by Queen Elizabeth, 
and was the author of a number of Latin works, some of 
his unpublished manuscripts still remaining at the British 
Museum. His father's coat-of-arms was similar to that shown 
in the cut. The three crescents were added when John was 
elected bishop. 

Another crest used by the Guilford (Surrey) and the Nor- 
folk branches is a silver biick's head erased out of a palisado 
coronet of gold. For illustrations see Fairbank's crests, plates 
128, No. 21 ; 66, No. 2 ; 67, No. 13 ; 68, No. 2 ; 49, No. 4. 

Among the famous Parkhursts of the XVIIIth century was 
the Rev. John Parkhurst, of Catesby, Northamptonshire, 
England, who was the author of the first Greek lexicon, 
which is still in use. He died in 1797, without issue, and 
was buried in Epsom church, where there is a monument to 
his memory. The churches and churchyards of Epsom, 
Abinger, Dorking and Guilford, are rich in memorials of 
dead members of the Parkhurst family. 


, founder of the Parkhurst family 
in this country, emigrated from England about 1635. He 
brought at least two children with him (George, Jr., and 
Phebe), and is known to have been living in Watertown, 
Mass., in 1642. He was probably a man of considerable 
means, for he owned a large tract of land, besides a homestead 
of twelve acres. In 1643 ne was admitted freeman. He 
married his second wife, Susanna, widow of John Simpson, 
in 1645, by whom he had no children. The same year he 
sold his Watertown estate and moved to Boston. (Bond's 
Hist. Watertown, Mass., pages 388, 391.) 

Register N. E. Hist, and Genealogical Society, Vol. 27, 
page 364, states that George Parkhurst had the following 
children : 

2 GEORGE, JR., born in England about 1618; married 
(ist) Sarah Browne, December i6th, 1643. 

3 BENJAMIN, born in England. 

4 JOSEPH, he moved to Chelmsford, Mass., but at what 
date is uncertain. He was, however, living there from 1656 
to 1667. He married Mary Read, of Chelmsford, at Concord, 
Mass., June 26th, 1656, and his name appears as one of the 
proprietors of the new field in Chelmsford. His share of 
twelve acres was allotted to him January i2th, 1666-7 (Allen's 
Hist. Chelmsford, page 169). 

5 PHEBE, born in England ; married Thomas Arnold in 

THOMAS ARNOLD came to this country in May, 
1635. He was admitted freeman in 1640. In Octo- 
ber, 1651, he was fined twenty shillings by the court 


for offense against the law concerning baptism. 
April ad, 1654, he was fined five pounds for neglect- 
ing public worship twenty days. April 2d, 1655, 
he was fined ten pounds for neglecting public wor- 
ship forty days, and his land was levied upon to pay 
it (Bond's Hist. Watertown, Mass., page 9). He 
seems to have inherited his sturdy independence 
from his ancestors. Arnold was able to trace his 
ancestry back through seventeen generations to 
Ynir, King of Gwentland, A. D., noo, who was a 
direct descendant of Wessex, who was king of the 
Britons from 688 to 728. 

6 DEBORAH, married John Smith. 

7 ELIZABETH, married (ist) Emanuel Hilliard ; (ad) Joseph 

8 MARY, married Rev. Thomas Carter. 

2 0COV0e iParfcblirSt, 3r., son of George Parkhurst (i), 
the emigrant, was born in England in 1618; married (ist) 
Sarah Browne, December i6th, 1643. She was the daughter 
of Abraham and Lydia Browne, descendant of John Browne, 
who was Mayor of Stamford, England, in 1376 and 1377. 
He married (2d) Mary Pheza, September 24th, 1650. She 
died March Qth, 1680-1, and he died March i6th, 1698-9, 
aged 8 1 years. The old Parkhurst farm, where he probably 
settled, was on the east side of Beaver brook and north side 
of the County road, and the house stood a few rods east of the 
new cottage of Mr. Thomas Page ( " Watertown " ). He had 
two children by his first wife : 

9 JOHN, born June loth, 1644 ; married, about 1670, Abigail 

10 SARAH, born September i4th, 1649, probably died young. 

9 30bU JParfcburSt, son of George Parkhurst, Jr. (2), and 
Sarah Browne, born June loth, 1644, married, about 1670, 
Abigail Garfield, daughter of Samuel and Susanna Garfield. 


She was born June 29th, 1646, and died October i8th, 
1726. He was admitted freeman April i8th, 1690. He died 
September I2th, 1725. They had nine children: 

11 JOHN, born February 26th, 1671-2; married Abigail 

12 ABIGAIL, born September loth, 1674. 

13 SARAH, born November 26th, 1676; married October 
1 6th, 1700, Edward Sherman. 

14 RACHEL, born December 3Oth, 1678 ; married, Decem- 
ber, 1699, Abraham Gale. 

15 ELIZABETH, born September i8th, 1681 ; married, De- 
cember 3ist, 1701, Joseph Ball. 

16 MARY, born December 23d, 1683 ; married, May ist, 1707, 
Edward Sanderson. 

17 GEORGE, born January 3d, 1685-6; married, April igth, 
1726, Tabitha Fnlham. 

18 SAMUEL, born April nth, 1688; married, May 27th, 
1716, Sarah Shattnck. 

19 HANNAH, born April i7th, 1690; married, January 3d, 
1716, John Newton, of Maryborough, New Hampshire. 

ii BeaCOn 30bn IParfcblirSt, son of John Parkhurst (9) 
and Abigail Garfield, born February 26th, 1671-2 ; married 
Abigail Morse, a descendant of Joseph Morse, who came to 
this country in 1634, from England. She was born August 
6th, 1677, and died May 3d, 175-. He settled in Watertown 
Farms, Weston, Mass. Was an original member, and one of 
the first deacons, of Weston church ; elected January 4th, 
1709-10. On January 2ist, 1734-5, he gave to each of his 
sons, Isaac and Jonas, by deed of gift, eighty and one-half 
acres of land in Newton, Mass., bought from Caleb Gardner, 
then of Newport, Rhode Island. They had ten children : 

20 JOHN, born and died 1695. 

21 JOHN, born April 29th, 1697. 

22 ABIGAIL, born June 2oth, 1699; married, September 
23d, 1728, John Pike, of Newbury. 


23 LYDIA, born July 2ist, 1701; married, April nth, 1723, 
Joseph Stone, of Framingham, Mass. 

24 ELIZABETH, born April 5th, 1704 ; died December, 1732, 

2 5 JOSIAH, born February gth, 1706; married, October 23d, 
1735, Sarah Carter. 

26 ISAAC, born July gth, 1708; married, February 7th, 
1733-4, Lydia Bigelow. 

27 MARY, born July i5th, 1710; married, August 2oth, 1731, 
Edmund Bailey, of Newbury. 

28 JONAS, born August 2oth, 1712 ; married Abigail Bigelow, 
daughter of Joshua Bigelow and Hannah Fiske ; date of mar- 
riage not found. Admitted to Congregational church in 
Milford by letter from Weston, 1747. 

29 JEMIMA, born June 5th, .1715; married, April 2oth, 1738, 
Benjamin Bartlett, of Newbury. 

25 30Siab IParftblirSt, son of Deacon John Parkhurst (i i) 
and Abigail Morse, born February gth, 1706, at Weston, 
Mass. ; married, October 23d, 1735, Sarah Carter, daughter 
of Daniel and Sarah Carter, of Weston, Mass. She was bap- 
tized May 25th, 1728. They had six children : 

30 JOSIAH, Jr., born March 8th, 1736-7; married, June ist, 
1758, Elizabeth Bigelow. 

31 NATHAN, born November 2d, 1738; married (ist), Feb- 
ruary Qth, 1764, Elizabeth Shepard ; (2) March 2 ist, 1765, 
Mary Ames, of Framingham. He, with his wife, Mary, and 
daughter, Elizabeth, moved to Framingham March i6th, 1769. 

32 MARY, born March 3d, 1743; married, 1763, Samuel 
Fiske, of Weston. She died June i8th, 1773. 

33 SARAH, born September 2ist, 1747; married, April i5th, 
1770, Isaac Flagg. 

34 AMOS, born April 2d, 1756. 

35 LYDIA, born May loth, 1758. 


3 o 3oeiab iparfcburst 3rt son f J siah 

(25), and Sarah Carter, born March 8th, 1736-7, at Weston, 
Mass. Married, June ist, 1758, Elizabeth Bigelow, daughter 
of Nathaniel Bigelow and Hannah Robison, of Newton. She 
was born May I7th, 1738. He first settled in Weston, and 
in 1762 removed to Framingham, building a house which he 
located a few rods north of the railroad bridge, east of the 
Concord river near the subsequent site of the " Cutler Mills." 
The location was covered by the embankment of the Boston 
and Worcester railroad in 1835. He was a member of the 
Training Band in Weston, April i8th, 1757. This service 
entitles his descendants to membership in the " Society of 
Colonial Wars" (Mass. Archives, Vol. 95, page 277). At two 
periods he lived in Marlborough N. H., where he died in 
1832, in his ninety-fifth year. Their first three children were 
born in Weston, and the other children in Framingham. They 
had eleven children : 

36 HANNAH, born March 27th, 1759; married February 
25th, 1779, Jonathan Adams, and moved into Pennsylvania. 

37 JOHN, born May 2d, 1760; married December i7th, 1783, 
Sarah Bullard. 

38 AARON, born June ist, 1761 ; married, in Bellingham, 
Sally Thompson, and removed to Stafford, Conn. 

39 ELIZABETH, born in Framingham, February 28th, 1763 ; 
married, May , 1784, Samuel Walker. 

40 EPHRAIM, born January i6th, 1765 ; married (ist), Decem- 
ber 27th, 1788, Elizabeth Look. She died December 25th, 1825. 
He subsequently married Mrs. Mary Adams, who died in 1870. 
Ephraim died January 2oth, 1850, at Framingham, Mass. 
Many of his descendants are prominent in public life, among 
them Dr. Charles H. Parkhurst, pastor of the Madison Square 
Presbyterian church, the anti-Tammanyite reformer in New 
York city. 

41 LUCY, born June i9th, 1766; married, January i5th, 
1794, Abraham Fisher; died in 1845. 

42 SARAH, born January 6th, 1 768 ; married Micajah Morse, 
and moved to New Hampshire; died in 1814. 


43 EUNICE, born November 2oth, 1769; married 

Becket, and lived in Unity, N. H. ; died in 1829. 

44 MOLLY, born November i5th, 1771 ; married, 1793, 
Josiah Hemenway, of Framingham. 

45 LYDIA, born June 28th, 1775 ; married, August igth, 
1794, Solomon Becket, of Framingham. 

46 JOSIAH, JR., born May 25th, 1778; married, April 2d, 
1 80 1, Nancy Jones, and moved to Marlborough, N. H. 

37 30bU IParkbUrSt, the son of Josiah Parkhnrst, Jr. (30), 
and Elizabeth Bigelow, was born May ad, 1760, at Weston, 
Mass. In 1762 his father moved from Weston to Framing- 
ham, Mass., which was his home during the Revolution. In 
the summer of 1777, when seventeen years of age, he joined 
the army. His first service was to gnard Continental stores 
at East Sndbnry. On April ist, 1778, he re-enlisted in Cap- 
tain Holmes' company, Colonel Jonathan Reed's regiment, 
being the first regiment of guards. His first duty was to 
guard British prisoners at Prospect Hill, Cambridge, who had 
been captured with General Burgoyne. He was discharged 
July 4th, 1778, and at once re-enlisted for six weeks, in the 
company commanded by Captain Amos Perry, of Sherburn. 
He went with the company to Providence and Lewiston, R. 
I., where his duty again consisted in guarding Continental 
stores. In August the company was engaged in building 
redoubts near Newport, R. I. July 24th, 1780, he enlisted 
in Captain Walter McFarland's company, of Colonel Cyprian 
Howe's regiment, Middlesex County regiment, for service in 
Rhode Island. The company went to Providence, guarding 
stores on College Hill. John Parkhurst was discharged 
October 3oth, 1780 (Mass. Arch., Vol. 35, page 124; Vol. 21, 
page in ; Vol. 46, pages 13-14; Vol. 19, page 182). 

This service entitles his descendants to membership in 
the societies of the " Sons of the American Revolution " and 
" Daughters of the American Revolution." 

On December i7th, 1783, he married Sarah Bullard, who 
died February 8th, 1818, at Springfield, Pa. In 1813, John 
Parkhurst, in company with William Evans, left New Hamp- 
shire to find a new home in the West. They would have 
settled in Monroe County, N. Y., but for the frontier troubles 


then existing. Turning southward, they finally located in 
Springfield, Bradford County, Pa., where they built a com- 
fortable log house. They returned to New Hampshire for 
their families, and in the fall of 1813, after a hard journey of 
six weeks, they arrived at the log house. Work was im- 
mediately commenced on a better house, and two years later 
(1815) the present homestead was completed. It was the 
home of John Parkhurst until his death, in 1836, and is still 
occupied by his descendants. The house is a substantial 
structure, commanding a beautiful view of Mount Pisgah and 
adjacent valleys. 

He kept a diary for thirty years, wherein he states that he 
was only prevented from enlisting the fourth time by ill 
health. His diary shows that he took great interest in the 
militia while he lived in New Hampshire. During the later 
years of his life in Springfield he was invariably known by 
the title of " Major." He was elected to this office in the 
general training bands, which were annually organized in that 
vicinity. Mrs. Martha Bullock, who knew John Parkhurst 
in her childhood, still remembers seeing him with epaulettes 
on his shoulder?, and a long black feather, tipped with red, 
in his hat. 

Although a physician by profession, there is no record that 
he was ever in active practice. His life seems to have been 
occupied in farming, although he conducted a general store 
for some years at Marlborough, N. H. His diary reveals 
many characteristics of his sturdy life. Under date of July 
2Oth, 1811, it contains the following excellent advice, upon 
the occasion of his paying $1,905.16 for having endorsed a 
friend's note : " So that it appears that I am this sum the 
poorer for dealing with one dishonest man, which I did 
merely to oblige him, without any promise, or even prospect, 
of reward, which I hope will be sufficient warning to all (my 
family, at least) never to be bound for any man without ample 
security ; and again I say, not without ample security." 

John Parkhurst was an active member of the church. He 
was a man of strong political views, and contributed to the 


various periodicals of the time. In appearance he is remem- 
bered as a distinguished-looking man, with keen blue eyes, 
white hair, and a refined manner. He died November ist, 
1836, sitting in the rocking chair which he had brought with 
him from New Hampshire, and was buried at Springfield. He 
had nine children, all by his first wife, Sarah Bullard. The 
first two were born in Framingham, the rest in Marlborough. 
He married (ad), October 3ist, 1822, Margaret Randel, of 
Canton, Pa. The nine children were : 

47 JOHN, JR., born December 3oth, 1784; married, Septem- 
ber 8th, 1822, Laura Gleason. 

48 DANIEL, born May 6th, 1787 ; married, October 23d, 
1817, Alma Allen. 

49 JOSIAH, born March i2th, 1789; married, , 1813, 
Rachel Harkness. 

50 SARAH MARIA, born April loth, 1793; married, Sep- 
tember 5th, 1813, William Evans. 

51 CURTIS, born July 2d, 1794; married, November nth, 
1830, Jane Ann Kasson. 

52 DEXTER, born September 2ist, 1797; married, July 4th, 
1823, Marian Speer. 

53 JOEL, born April 8th, 1800 ; married (ist), November i6th, 
1835, Emeline R. Allen-; (2d) May i4th, 1856, Martha Har- 
rower Steel. 

54 MARTHA, born April 2d, 1803; married, July 25th, 
1827, Micajah Seely. 

55 EBENEZER F., born November ist, 1807 ; married, No- 
vember 8th, 1829, Demis Brown. 

47 Dr. 30btl parfcbUrSt, Jr., son of John Parkhurst 
(37) and Sarah Bullard, was born December 3Oth, 1784, at 
Framingham, Mass. He studied medicine with Dr. Carter, 
of Keene, N. H., graduated at Dartmouth Medical College at 
Hanover, and removed to Richmond, N. H., about 1810. He 
was the author of the New England Diary and Almanac 


for 1808 and 1809, a copy of which is in the possession of 
Charles Tubbs, Esq., of Osceola, Pa. 

On September 8th, 1822, he married Laura Gleason, 
daughter' of Windsor Gleason, Sr., and Sophia Clark, who 
was born April 24th, 1797, at Langdon, N. H. He practiced 
medicine until 1840, when on a visit to his brother in Spring- 
field, Pa., he was taken sick, and died September i5th, 1840. 
He was survived less than a year by his wife, who died at 
Richmond, N. H., August igth, 1841. They had three 
children : 

56 JOHN, JR., born February i3th, 1823; married (ist), 
November, 1840, Lucy Buffum ;.(2d) September i4th, 1852, 
Rebecca Kennedy. 

57 ELIZABETH, born September i;th, 1820; married, Octo- 
ber ist, 1848, Dr. Leander Smith, of Beecher's Island, Pa. 
She died December 28th, 1851. 

58 JOEL G., born December i5th, 1828; married, April 28th, 
1867, Grace L. Lyman. 

56 30bt1 JParfcbUrSt, Jr., son of Dr. John Parkhurst, Jr. 
(47), and Laura Gleason, born February i3th, 1823, at Rich- 
mond, N. H. ; married, November, 1840, Lucy Buffum. She 
died in 1842, at Richmond. They had one child : 

59 JOHN EDGAR, born August I4th, 1841 ; died at Alex- 
ander, Va., May 22d, 1865. He was First Lieutenant in 
Company H, 2O7th Pennsylvania Volunteers. " Parkhurst 
Post," No. 35, G. A. R., of Elkland, Pa., was named after 
him. The Post was reorganized in 1882, and took No. 581. 
John Parkhurst, Jr., married (ad), September i4th, 1852, 
Rebecca Kennedy, daughter of Luin P. Kennedy and Mary 
A. Hulburt, born April 5th, 1828, at Arkport, N. Y. ; died 
December 25th, 1893, at Binghamton, N. Y., and buried at 
Elkland, Pa. He died January 2Oth, 1890. He came to 
Elkland soon after his father's death and entered into active 
business, first as a merchant, and later, for many years, as a 


partner with his uncle, Joel Parkhnrst, in the banking busi- 
ness, nnder the name of Joel Parkhurst & Co. After his 
uncle's death the name of the bank was changed, and he 
carried on the business with his son, Luin K. Parkhurst, and 
Charles L. Pattison, a son-in-law of Joel Parkhurst. The 
bank was considered one of the strongest financial institutions 
in that section of the state. It is now called the Pattison 
National Bank. He had three children by this marriage : 

60 LUIN K., born June ist, 1856; married, June 3Oth, 1881, 
Mary W. Reed. 

6 1 CARRIE E., born August 5th, 1863 '> married, October 
;th, 1886, William E. Williams. 

62 JOHN WALTER, born August 9th, 1867; married, Octo- 
ber 1 8th, 1888, Helen B. Moon. 

60 Xlltn IK. parfcbliret, son of John Parkhurst, Jr. (56), 
and Rebecca Kennedy, born June ist, 1856, at Elkland, Pa. ; 
married, June 3oth, 1881, Mary W. Reed, daughter of James 
M. and Albertine Reed, born December 22d, 1859, at Owego, 
N. Y. He was connected with his father and Charles L. 
Pattison in the banking business for several years at Elkland. 
He is now president of the First National Bank of Reed City, 
Mich., which is his home. They had three children : 

63 FRANK A., born October 151!!, 1883. 

64 J. REED, born January I2th, 1887. 

65 EDGAR, born October i3th, 1890. 

61 Carrie Elisabetb Milltams, daughter o 

hurst, Jr. (56), and Rebecca Kennedy, born August 5th, 1863, 
at Elkland, Pa. ; married, October 7th, 1886, William E. 
Williams, and resides at Reed City, Mich. They had three 
children : 

66 JULIA R., born October i7th, 1887. 

67 HELEN, born March igth, 1888; died May 29th, 1895. 

68 GLADYS E., born December i2th, 1892. 


62 jobn Malter parfcburst, son of John Parkhurst, 

Jr. (56), and Rebecca Kennedy, born August gth, 1867, at 
Elkland, Pa. ; married, October i8th, 1888, Helen Duel Moon, 
daughter of Rev. Solomon H. Moon and Charlotte Brandt. 
He left for Reed City, Mich., soon after his marriage, to en- 
gage in the banking business with his brother, occupying 
the position of cashier of the First National Bank of that city. 
They had two children : 

69 JOHN, born December jth, 1889; died July 3ist, 1890. 

70 GERTRUDE H., born September igth, 1891. 

58 30CI 0. iParfcblirSt, son of Dr. John Parkhurst, Jr. 
(47), and Laura Gleason, born December i5th, 1828, at Rich- 
mond, N. H. ; married, April 28th, 1867, Grace L. Lyman, 
daughter of Dr. Harry Lyman and Fanny DeCorseau, born 
October i5th, 1835, at Roulette, McKean County, Pa. She 
resides at Springwater, N. Y. He died August i5th, 1877, 
at Elkland, Pa. His business was that of a merchant and 
lumberman, in which he was actively engaged for twenty-five 
years. A genial, big-hearted man, with many friends. They 
had one child : 

71 LEON A M., born January 29th, 1868 ; married, June i8th, 
1884, Ernest W. Brown. 

71 lUOna flDaUfc BrOWn, daughter of Joel G. Parkhurst 
(58) and Grace L. Lyman, born January 2 9th, 1868, at Elk- 
land, Pa. ; married, June i8th, 1884, Ernest W. Brown, a 
lawyer at Springwater, N. Y. They had one child : 

72 ELNORA M., born April nth, 1885. 

48 IDl\ IDatliel JParfcbUrSt, son of John Parkhurst (37) 
and Sarah Bullard, born May 6th, 1787, at Framingham, 
Mass. On October 23d, 1817, he married Alma Allen. He 
died at his father's home in Springfield, Pa., April 3d, 1819. 
They had no children. 


49 308tab IParfcblirSt, son of John Parkhurst (37) and 
Sarah Bullard, born March i2th, 1789, at Marlboroiigh, N. 
H. ; married, 1813, Rachel Harkness, daughter of John 
Harkness and Rachel McNall, born 1794, who came from 
Massachusetts to Springfield, Pa., in 1806. She died at 
Wankegan, 111., October 3ist, 1868. His first farm was near 
that of his father's, in Springfield, which he sold and moved 
to what was then called Addison Hill, near Elkland, Pa., 
where he lived until abont 1860. He then left for the West. 
He died at Waukegan, 111., April 1882, aged ninety-three 
years. They had eight children, all born at Springfield, Pa. : 

73 NANCY, born 1815 ; married, August, 1871, Oliver 
Stephens. She died September i5th, 1887, at Toledo, O. 

74 ELIZA AMES, born 1819; resides at Waukegan, 111. 

75 DANIEL DEXTER, born January 26th, 1821; married, 
November 2ist, 1846, Sarah Lamb. 

76 BEEBY BO YD, born February 8th, 1824 5 married, August 
2ist, 1848, Emeline Mack. 

77 CORDELIA, born January i7th, 1827 ; married, Novem- 
ber 2d, 1845, Horace Chandler. 

78 HARRIET, born July 4th, 1830; married, November 2d, 
1865, John Wells ; resides in Toledo, O. 

79 JOEL C., born 1833 ' died August ist, 1865, at Elkland, Pa. 

80 JANE, born 1835 ; died in 1843. 

75 Daniel H>exter parfcburst, son of josiah Parkhurst 

(49) and Rachel Harkness, born January 26th, 1821, at Spring- 
field, Pa. ; married, November 2ist, 1846, Sarah Lamb, of 
Troy, Pa. She died March 24th, 1894, at Toledo, O. He 
resides at Toledo, O. They had four children : 

8 1 SAMUEL DEXTER, born December 7th, 1847 5 married, 
1874, Ida M. Stratford. 

82 CURTIS R., born August 26th, 1849; died September, 

83 EDWARD H., born January i5th, 1854; resides in Chica- 
go, 111. 

84 GRACE, born February i5th, 1858; resides in Toledo, O. 


si Samuel IDexter iparfcburet, son of Daniel D. p ar k- 

hurst (75) and Sarah Lamb, born December jth, 1847, at 
Spring-field, Pa. ; married, March 24th, 1875, Ida M. Strat- 
ford, who was born at Rochelle, 111., May 7th, 1852. His 
business is that of a traveling salesman, and he resides at 
Waukegan, 111. They had three children : 

85 OLIVER LELAND, born January 3ist, 1876; died 
August 7th, 1876. 

86 FRANK DEXTER, born March ist, 1878. 

87 HAROLD McLEAN, born August nth, 1893. 

76 eeb$ B0\>t> parfcbUr0t, son of Josiah Parkhurst 
(49) and Rachel Harkness, born February 8th, 1824, at Spring- 
field, Pa. ; married, Augiist 2ist, 1848, Emeline Mack, at 
Addison, Steuben County, N. Y. They reside at Waukegan, 
111. They had four children : 

88 IDA A., born October i5th, 1849; married, January i2th, 
1871, J. A. Woodworth. 

89 EVA M., born June 4th, 1852 ; married, October i8th, 
1 88 1, John R. Lawrence. 

90 FRANK, born September loth, 1856 ; died April i3th, 

91 NORA A., born September I2th, 1862; died January 
1 2th, 1878. 

88 flfca H. WlOOfcWOrtb, daughter of Beeby B. Parkhurst 
(76) and Emeline Mack, born October I5th, 1849, at Addison, 
N. Y. ; married, January I2th, 1871, James A. Woodworth, 
at Rochelle, 111. They reside at Cofinne, Utah. They had 
six children : 

92 LULA MAY, born February 22d, 1872, at Rochelle, 111. 

93 JAMES BEEBY, born March 5th, 1874, at Highland 
Park, 111. 

94 NEWTON BOOTH, born February 25th, 1876; died 
September 5th, 1880, at Cortland, 111. 

95 FRANK LUCIUS, born March 25th, 1878; died April 
8th, 1890, at Highland Park, 111. 


96 IDA PEARL, born April 27th, 1880, at Cortland, 111. 

97 VIRGINIA, born October 5th, 1888, at Highland Park, 111. 

89 ]va fHX HaWrenCe, daughter of Beeby B. Parkhurst 
(76) and Emeline Mack, born June 4th, 1852, at Addison, N. 
Y. ; married, October i8th, 1881, John R. Lawrence, at Cort- 
land, 111. ; now resides at Waukegan, 111. They had two 
children : 

98 NELLIE EVALINE, born September 25th, 1882, at 
Mechanicsville, la. 

99 JOHN ABBOTT, born May 29th, 1886, at Highland Park, 
111. ; died November ist, 1886. 

77 COtfcelia CbanMet, daughter of Josiah Parkhurst (49) 
and Rachel Harkness, born January I7th, 1827, at Spring- 
field, Pa. ; married, November 2d, 1845, Horace Chandler, at 
Sullivan, Tioga County, Pa. He was born December igth, 
1819, in Susquehanna County, Pa. ; died at Gurnee, 111., 
November igth, 1878. She died October 5th, 1885, at 
Gurnee, 111. They had two children : 

100 FELICIA JANE, born May 27th, 1847, at Warren, 111. ; 
died November, 1847. 

101 ELLA LOUISE, born June 3Oth, 1850; married, Decem- 
ber, 1 8th, 1867, Henry Shepard. 

101 J6lla XOUteC SbCparfc, daughter of Horace Chandler 
and Cordelia Parkhurst (77), born June 3oth, 1850, at Warren, 
111. ; married, December i8th, 1867, Henry Shepard. They 
reside at Waukegan, 111., having a summer home at Gurnee, 
111. They had one child : 

102 LOLA ADELINE, born March 7th, 1878. 


50 Sarab flDarta I6van0, daughter of John Parkhurst 
(37) and Sarah Billiard, born April loth, 1793, at Marlborough, 
N. H. ; married, September 5th, 1813, William Evans. They 
came with her father to Springfield, Pa., in the fall of 1813. 
The two-story frame house, that was built about 1817, is still 
standing (1897). She was a favorite daughter, had the same 
keen blue eyes, sweet disposition, and was a gentle and 
patient mother. She died August 2ist, 1837, at Elkland, Pa., 
and a few years later her body was removed to the cemetery 
at Addison, N. Y. William Evans died February i6th, 1846, 
at Lawrenceville, Pa. They had nine children, all born at 
Springfield, Pa. : 

103 ELIZA ANN, born November i7th, 1816; died January 
1 8th, 1818. 

104 SARAH MARIA, born September i6th, 1818; married, 
August 24th, 1842, Dr. Reuben P. Brown. 

105 ALLISON H., born May 4th, 1821 ; married (ist), May, 
1846, Abigail Haven; (2d) July 6th, 1849, Laura Haven. 

106 HARRY BALDWIN, born November i8th, 1823; died 
May 30th, 1825. 

107 JOHN PARKHURST, born June nth, 1826; died Sep- 
tember, 1826. 

1 08 MARTHA ROSETTA, born June 5th, 1827; married, 

September 5th, 1849, Thomas J. Lake. 
109 MARY E., born September 27th, 1830; died December 

9th, 1830. 
no WILLIAM MICAJAH, born December 2ist, 1831; mar- 

ried, December 6th, 1860, Harriet McNair. 
in CURTIS PARKHURST, born November 3 d, 1834; mar- 

ried, April 1 7th, 1856, Lydia A. Bennett. 

104 Sarab flDarta SBrOWU, daughter of William Evans 
and Sarah Maria Parkhurst (50), born September i6th, 1818, 
at Springfield, Pa. ; married, August 24th, 1842, Dr. Reuben 
P. Brown. He was born April ist, 1818, at Springfield, Pa. 
At the age of eighteen he began the study of medicine, and 
graduated from Hobart Medical College, Geneva, N. Y. In 


1849 ne settled at Addison, N. Y., where he practiced medi- 
cine continuously for forty years, to the time of his death, 
which occurred September i5th, 1885. He was one of the 
most successful physicians in that section of the state. Always 
as ready to visit the poor as the rich, his loss to the commu- 
nity was deeply felt. He was survived seven years by his 
wife, who died at Addison, July 3Oth, 1892. They had three 
children, two born at Springfield, Pa., and Gertrude M., born 
at Addison, N. Y. : 

112 SARAH H., born December 22d, 1843; died i 11 1848. 

113 RUSH P., born December i4th, 1847; married June 2d, 
1869, Georgie N. Cowley. 

114 GERTRUDE M., born November i4th, 1851; married, 
October, 1870, A. H. Erwin. 

113 2Dt, 1RU0b p. BrOWU, son of Dr. Reuben P. Brown 
and Sarah Maria Evans (104), born December i4th, 1847, a ^ 
Springfield, Pa. He gradiiated at New York University 
Medical College in 1873. He was associated with his father 
several years prior to his death. On June 2d, 1869, he mar- 
ried Georgie N. Cowley, daughter of Calvin Cowley and 
Mary Millard, who was born at Lawrenceville, Pa., February 
loth, 1849. They reside at Addison, N. Y. They had one 
child : 

115 MILLARD R., born July 24th, 1870; resides at Addison. 

114 (SertrUfcC fID. lErWin, daughter of Dr. Reuben P. 
Brown and Sarah Maria Evans (104), born November i4th, 
1851, at Addison, N. Y. ; married, October, 1870, Arthur H. 
Erwin. She died December 28th, 1889, at her home in Ad- 
dison. They had two children : 

116 AGNES M., born July 23d, 1871 ; married, June i5th, 
1892, Allen M. Munroe. 

117 FRANCES G., born September 4th, 1872; married, May 
1 8th, 1892, V. Willard Tyler. 


116 a$nC8 fflX flDunrOC, daughter of A. H. Erwin and 

Gertrude M. Brown (114), born July 23d, 1871, at Addison, 

N. Y. ; married, June i5th, 1892, Allen M. Munroe, of 
Buffalo, N. Y. 

<5. \>lCr, daughter of A. H. Erwin and Ger- 
trude M. Brown (114), born September 4th, 1872, at Addison, 
N. Y. ; married, May i8th, 1892, V. Willard Tyler, of Buffalo, 
N. Y. 

105 HlliSOn 1b. lvan0, son of William Evans and Sarah 
Maria Parkhurst (50), born May 4th, 1821, at Springfield, 
Pa. ; married (ist), May, 1846, Abigail Haven. She died 
April 23d, 1848, leaving a babe five weeks old. Married (2d), 
July 6th, 1849, Laura M. Haven. She died November i9th, 
1882, at Lawrenceville, Pa. He died March i6th, 1881, at 
Lawrenceville, Pa. He had one child by his first wife and 
five children by his second wife : 

118 ALLENA M., born March i7th, 1848; married (ist), May 
4th, 1873, James M. Harrison ; (2d) October 6th, 1894, Marcus 
T. Nye. 

119 ALTON C., born March gth, 1852; married, April 22d, 
1875, Phebe D. Lugg. 

120 FRANK E., born January 27th, 1854; married (ist), April 
1 2th, 1881, Ida M. Hazlett ; (2d) January 7th, 1891, Jessie 

121 HATTIE R., born December 4th, 1862 ; married, January 
24th, 1883, G. E. Haven. 

122 NETTIE L., born September 9th, 1866; married, Novem- 
ber 3d, 1884, Dr. M. R. Pritchard. 

NELLIE H., born June 2ist, 1868; died July 27th, 1872. 

118 Hllena flIX IbarrieOn, daughter of Allison H. Evans 
(105) and Abigail Haven, born March I7th, 1848, at Law- 
renceville, Pa. ; married (ist), May 4th, 1873, James M. 


Harrison ; (ad) October 6th, 1894, Marcus T. Nye. She had 
four children by her first husband : 

123 HATTIE L., born February 5th, 1875, at Deerfield, Pa.; 
died November i6th, 1880. 

124 STELLA M., born October 4th, 1876; married, August 
loth, 1895, William E. Nye. 

125 ROYAL WESLEY, born February 27th, 1885, at Law- 
renceville, Pa. 

126 JAMES H., born June 25th, 1886, at Elmer, Pa. ; died 
June 28th, 1886. 

HltOtl (L I6van6 t son of Allison H. Evans (105) and 
Laura M. Haven, born March gth, 1852, at Lawrenceville, 
Pa. ; married, April 22d, 1875, at Nelson, Pa., Phebe D. Lugg, 
daughter of Robert S. and Rebecca Lugg. He is a farmer 
and resides at Lindley, N. Y. They had two children, born 
at Lawrenceville, Pa. : 

127 LEAH R., born March 27th, 1876. 

128 DOLLIE, born June i8th, 1887. 

120 Jtanfc I6 J6\>an0, son of Allison H. Evans (105) and 
Laura M. Haven, born January 27th, 1854, at Lawrenceville, 
Pa.; married (ist), April i2th, 1881, Ida M. Hazlett. She 
died March gth, 1884. Married (2d), January 7th, 1891, 
Jessie Swift. She died December 22d, 1894. He is a farmer 
and resides at Nelson, Pa. He had two children, Vera M., 
by his first wife, and Norma Bell, by his second wife : 

129 VERA M., died January i2th, 1886, aged two years and 
eleven months. 

130 NORMA BELL, born October 7th, 1894. 

121 IbattlC 1R. 1ba\>en, daughter of Allison H. Evans 
(105) and Laiira M. Haven, born December 4th, 1862, at 
Lawrenceville, Pa. ; married, January 24th, 1883, G. E. 
Haven. They reside in Elmira, N. Y. 


122 flettte X. prttCbarfc, daughter of Allison H. Evans 
(105) and Laura M. Haven, born September gth, 1866, at 
Lawrenceville, Pa. ; married, November 3d, 1884, Dr. M. R. 
Pritchard. They reside at Harrison Valley, Pa. They had 
four children : 

131 OTTO L., born June 24th, 1886; died March a8th, 1887. 

132 VERA, born April 24th, 1888; died November 5th, 1889. 

133 FLORENCE, born November 27th, 1890. 

134 GLENN EVAN, born February 2oth, 1894. 

108 fIDartba IROSCtta Xafce, daughter of William Evans 
and Sarah Maria Parkhurst (50), born June 5th, 1827, at 
Springfield, Pa. ; married, September 5th, 1849, Thomas J. 
Lake. He was a merchant a few years. His life was oc- 
cupied in teaching, a calling he was very successful in. He 
was an ordained minister of the Methodist Episcopal church ; 
was postmaster at Athens, Ala., for five years ; served in the 
civil war two years. They reside at Bartow, Fla. They 
had seven children : 

135 WILTON HAMILTON, born October 5th, 1850, at 
Hartford, Pa. ; married, August 29th, 1893, Annie M. 

136 SELWYN, born February 22d, 1852, at Elkland, Pa. ; 
died October 2oth, 1868. 

137 LUCIA MARIA, born April 24th, 1854, at Elkland, Pa. ; 
married, November 4th, 1873, Edgar E. Webster. 

138 CLARA E., born July nth, 1856, at Addison, N. Y. ; 
died May i8th, 1857. 

139 ELBERT S., born February 4th, 1863, at Austin, Minn. ; 
resides at Bartow, Fla. 

140 ARTHUR EDWARD, born February iith, 1867, at 
Austin, Minn. ; died October ist, 1867. 

141 EDWARD NELSON, born June i3th, 1869, at Austin, 
Minn. ; resides in Chicago, 111. He is an electrician and civil 


135 TOiltOtl IbamiltOtl ILa^e, son of Thomas J. Lake and 
Martha R. Evans (108), born October 5th, 1850, at Hartford, 
Pa. ; married, August 29th, 1893, Annie M. Anderson, 
daughter of Henry VanVoorhis and Rachel Demorest, born 
in New York City, N. Y., October gth, 1855. He is a car- 
penter and resides at Bartow, Fla. 

137 lUCia flDarta MefcStCr, daughter of Thomas J. Lake 
and Martha R. Evans (108), born April 24th, 1854, at Elkland, 
Pa. ; married, November 4th, 1873, Edgar E. Webster, son of 
Levi Webster and Mary P. Smith. He served twenty-one 
months in the army. His present business is lumbering. He 
owns and operates a steam saw mill near Bartow, Fla. They 
had seven children : 

142 CLARA MABEL, born August 24th, 1874. 

143 ARTHUR LAKE, born October 22d, 1877. 

144 HERBERT WARREN, born July 8th, 1880. 

145 EDGAR E., born May i6th, 1882. 

146 LUCIA BELLE, born March 23d, 1888. 

147 L. SELWYN, born September i8th, 1892. 

148 BENJAMIN HARRISON, born July i 9 th, 1895. 

no William flDlCajab EvanS, son of William Evans 
and Sarah Maria Parkhurst (50), born December 2ist, 1831, 
at Springfield, Pa. ; married, December 6th, 1860, Harriet H. 
McNair, daughter of Hugh McNair and Mary Fowler, born 
in Livingston County, N. Y., December 2d, 1833, and died 
at Amherst, Va., October 23d, 1881. He now lives at Amherst, 
Va. They had three children : 

149 OTTO LOUIS, born November i2th, 1861, at Lyons, la. ; 
married, December 8th, 1891, Mary Randolph. 

150 MARY FOWLER, born May 2ist, 1865, at Elmira, N. Y. ; 
married, March i5th, 1892, William Dillard. 

151 WILLIAM HUGH, born July 8th, 1875, at Castile, N. Y. 


149 (>ttO lOUiB l\>an0, son of William Micajah Evans 
(no) and Harriet H. McNair, born November i2th, 1861, 
at Lyons, la. ; married, December 8th, 1891, Mary Randolph, 
daughter of Peyton Randolph and Mary E. Fisher, born in 
Greenbrier County, W. Va., August 2ist, 1870. They had 
two children : 

152 PEYTON RANDOLPH, born October i8th, 1892. 

153 HARRIET McNAIR, born September loth, 1894. 

150 flDarp JfOWlet SHllarfc, daughter of William Micajah 
Evans (no) and Harriet H. McNair, born May 2ist, 1865, 
at Elmira, N. Y. ; married, March i5th, 1892, Judge William 
Dillard, son of General Jerisha Washington Dillard, born in 
Amherst County, Va., August 2^d, 1846. They had one 
child : 

154 WILLIAM EVANS, born February iith, 1893. 

in (EurtiS !ParfcbUr0t JEvane, son of William Evans 
and Sarah Maria Parkhurst (50), born at Springfield, Pa., 
November 3d, 1834; married, April lyth, 1856, Lydia A. 
Bennett, daughter of John W. Bennett and Elizabeth Shoff, 
born December i8th, 1834, in New Hampshire. They now 
reside at Elk land, Pa. His business is that of a carpenter 
and builder. They had three children : 

155 ELIZABETH S., born March i2th, 1857; married, May 
24th, 1882, Franklin B. Orser. 

156 BERTHA H., born August 28th, 1865 5 married, Decem- 
ber 24th, 1890, Charles E. Smith. 

157 CURTIS P., Jr., born October 25th, 1877. He resides 
at Elkland, Pa. 

155 Elisabeth S. tSer, daughter of Curtis Parkhurst 
Evans (in) and Lydia A. Bennett, born March i2th, 1857, 
at Elkland, Pa. ; married, May 24th, 1882, Franklin B. Orser. 
They had one child : 

158 MARION O., born January i5th, 1890. 


51 2>r, Curtt9 IParfcbUr^t, son of John Parkhurst (37) 
and Sarah Billiard, was born July ad, 1794, at Marlborough, 
N. H. At the age of sixteen he began to teach school, study- 
ing in the meantime to prepare himself for college. He 
graduated from Dartmouth Medical College at Hanover, N. 
H., in 1819. He settled at Lawrence vi lie, Pa., and at once 
began the practice of his profession. After ten years of active 
work, ill health compelled him to retire from general practice. 

In 1828-9 he represented the counties of Lycoming, Potter, 
McKean and Tioga, in the Legislature. In 1829-30 Bradford 
and Tioga Counties formed a district, and he was their repre- 
sentative. In 1840 he was elected sheriff of Tioga Count}', 
and served from 1841 until 1844. 

On the 1 5th day of March, 1847, Francis P. Shenk, 
Governor of Pennsylvania, appointed him to be the Associate 
Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Tioga County for 
five years. He was largely instrumental in the building of 
the Tioga railroad, from Corning, N. Y., to Blossburg, -Pa., 
as an outlet for the Blossburg coal mines, in which Ex- 
Governor Horatio Seymour, of Deerfield, N. Y., and others, 
were interested as co-partners. 

While sheriff he lived at Wellsboro, and while there the 
first Presbyterian meeting in that village was held in the 
court house, his wife (our mother) ringing the court house 
bell for the service. Soon after a Presbyterian church was 
established there, in which he took a great interest. He often 
lectured, and was a ready speaker and debater. A sturdy 
Democrat in politics, he kept himself well informed on all 
topics of the day. He was a quiet and retiring man in man- 
ner, and a life-long member of the Presbyterian church. 

On November nth, 1830, he married Jane Ann Kasson, of 
Syracuse, N. Y. She was born at North Adams, Mass., April 
5th, 1811, the daughter of Ambrose Kasson and Laura Hall. 
Her parents moved to Syracuse about 1816, and later to 
Deerfield, N. Y. Her grandfather was Calvin Hall, of Chester, 
Mass., who was born in 1760. He served twice in the Revo- 
lution : at Fort Ann, on Lake Champlain, in 1777, in Colonel 


John Brown's regiment, and in the same regiment in 1780, 
where he was engaged in the battle of Stone Arabia, N. Y., 
October iQth, 1780, in which the colonel and forty of his 
regiment were killed. 

Curtis Parkhnrst died at the homestead in Lawrenceville, 
Pa., on June 5th, 1872. He was survived fifteen years by his 
wife, who died at Lawrenceville, October aoth, 1887. Theirs 
was no easy task, in a new country, to faithfully rear a large 
family. That they conscientiously fulfilled their trust is 
amply evidenced by the traditions of sixty years, and grate- 
fully acknowledged by their descendants. They had eight 
children : 

159 KASSON, born March i2th, 1832; married, September 
nth, 1855, Harriet Mills. 

1 60 SEELY, born April 2d, 1834; died August i3th, 1836. 

161 HELEN, born February i7th, 1837; married, November 
5th, 1859, Gabriel T. Harrower. 

162 ELIZA FORD, born February 8th, 1840; married, January 
ist, 1 86 1, Wilbur W. Fish. 

163 JOHN FOSTER, born February lyth, 1843 5 married, July 
22d, 1886, Alice McMaster. 

164 JAY CURTIS, born June 26th, 1845; married, May 3d, 
1870, Caroline Williams. 

165 CATHERINE SEELY, born May i8th, 1847; married, 
February I5th, 1883, Hugh McFadden. 

166 GABRIEL HARROWER, born February i4th, 1849; 
married, September gth, 1891, Lillian O. Hollo way. 

159 1Ra090n JParfcbUrSt, son of Curtis Parkhurst (51) and 
Jane Ann Kasson, born March i2th, 1832, at Lawrenceville, 
Pa.; married (ist), September nth, 1855, Harriet Mills, 
daughter of Rev. Sidney and Laura Mills. She died March 23d, 
1858, leaving a baby boy six months old. Married (2d), 
January 2d, 1861, Mary Kinsey. She died August 6th, 1885. 
There were no children by the second marriage. He studied 
law with Judge John Ryan, was admitted to practice when 
twenty-two years of age. His early death, June 3d, 1863, cut 


short a professional career that promised to win honors. He 
had one child by his first marriage : 

167 EDWIN KASSON, born September ad, 1857 ; died August 
1 4th, 1880. 

ibelen iparfcburet Ibarrower, daughter of Curtis 

Parkhurst (51) and Jane Ann Kasson, born February lyth, 
1837, at Lawrenceville, Pa. ; married, November 5th, 1859, 
Col. Gabriel T. Harrower. He was born September 25th, 
1816, at Guilford, Chenango County, N. Y. In his childhood 
he moved to Lindley, N. Y., where the greater part of his life 
was spent, largely engaged in lumbering and farming. In 
1852 he was elected sheriff of Steiiben County, and in 1862 
was active in raising the i6ist Regiment of New York Infantry, 
of which he was commissioned the colonel. He was assigned 
to the department of the Gulf. He was brevetted Brigadier- 
General for gallant and meritorious service in the field. In 
1871 he was elected to the state senate, where he served two 
years. He was a communicant in the Presbyterian church. 
He died August i5th, 1895, at Lawrenceville, Pa. He had 
four children by this marriage : 

1 68 DAVID CURTIS, born September gth, 1862 ; resides at 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa., and is a lawyer. 

169 CATHERINE, born September i7th, 1860; resides at 
Lawrenceville, Pa. 

170 FRANK PARKHURST, born September 5th, 1865; 
married, February i8th, 1890, Kate E. Jones. 

171 ANTOINETTE, born October 3ist, 1868; resides at 
Lawrenceville, Pa. 

170 if rank jparfcburst Ibarrower, son of Gabriel T. 

Harrower and Helen Parkhurst (161), born September 5th, 
1865, at Lawrenceville, Pa. ; married, February i8th, 1890, Kate 
E. Jones, daughter of Edgar Jones and Sarah M. Esty. She was 
born October 26th, 1868, at Fall Brook, Pa. They reside at 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa., where he has charge of the collection 
department in his brother's law office. They had one child : 
172 CURTIS GABRIEL, born August i6th, 1894. 


162 jeil3a |parftbUr0t jfieb, daughter of Curtis Parkhurst 
(51) and Jane Ann Kasson, born February 8th, 1840, at 
Lawrence vi lie, Pa. ; married, January ist, 1861, Wilbur 
Wheeler Fish, son of Joseph Fish and Lucia Field, born 
August 9th, 1834, at Tioga, Pa. In 1859 he started in the 
mercantile business at Great Valley, N. Y. In 1862 he went 
to East Saginaw, Mich., where he carried on a large wholesale 
and retail store until 1872, when he retired from business 
temporarily, but in 1878 located in Elmira, N. Y., continuing 
the dry-goods business until 1892, when he retired. He 
started for a trip around the world with his family in 1892. 
After reaching Japan, Mrs. Fish's Jll health necessitated the 
abandonment of the trip. They returned home with their 
son, Edwin C., the elder son, Wilbur P., continuing. The 
first three children were born at Saginaw, Mich., and Edwin 
Cook at Lawrenceville, Pa. They had four children : 

173 Son, born March i3th, 1868; died March 3<Dth, 1868. 

174 WILBUR PARKHURST, born February 22d, 1869; 
married, September 4th, 1894, Susan D. Church. 

175 FOSTER PARKHURST, born February i 5 th, 1872; 
died May 5th, 1872.. 

17 6 EDWIN COOK, born February 2oth, 1876; resides at 
Elmira, N. Y. He is an organist and teacher of music. 

174 Wilbur parfcbUrSt JftSb, son of Wilbur Wheeler 
Fish and Eliza Ford Parkhurst (162), born February 22d, 
1869, at East Saginaw, Mich. ; married, September 4th, 1894, 
Susan Dudley Church, daughter of Edwin L. Church and 
Augusta Bull, born at Bath, N. Y., December 5th, 1872. He 
graduated at Yale College in 1892, and made the trip around 
the world in 1892-3. He studied law in the office of John 
F. Parkhurst, his uncle, and was admitted to the bar in 1895. 
He is now practicing law in Bath, N. Y. He was appointed 
United States Loan Commissioner for Steuben County by 
Governor Black in 1897. 


163 3obn Jfoster parfcburst, son of Curtis 

(51) and Jane Ann Kasson, born February lyth, 1843, at. 
Wellsboro, Pa. He received his education at Lawrenceville, 
Pa. At the age of twenty he moved to Bath, N. Y., and 
began the study of law in the office of Judge Guy H. Mc- 
Master. Two years later he was admitted to the bar, and at 
once began the practice of his profession. In 1872 he formed 
a partnership with Judge McMaster, which lasted until the 
death of the latter in 1887. The firm enjoyed a large and 
important practice in both state and federal courts, John F. 
devoting his especial attention for many years to bankruptcy 
and equity cases in the United States courts. Among the 
important cases siiccessfully carried through tire state courts 
by him was that of Griffith Jones against the Bradford Oil 
Company, in which, after seven years of litigation and three 
jury trials, the client recovered three hundred acres of oil land, 
valued at several hundred thousand dollars, by virtue of a tax 
title which cost him less than fifty cents an acre. Another 
important case was that of Silvey against Lindsey, in which 
the Court of Appeals passed upon the constitutional right of 
the thousand or more inmates of the New York State Soldiers' 
and Sailors' Home to acquire a voting residence in the town 
of Bath. In 1891 he was associate counsel for the Republican 
senators in the famous mandamus cases. 

He has been always an earnest and active Republican. 
Since 1889 he has been chairman of the Republican com- 
mittee of Steuben County, and since 1890 has represented 
the Twenty-ninth Congressional District, comprising the 
counties of Steuben, Chemung, Schuyler and Seneca, in the 
Republican State committee, of whose executive committee 
he is also a member. He was delegate to the Republican 
National Conventions of 1888, 1892 and 1896. He has edited 
The Steuben Courier since 1890; is a stockholder and vice- 
president of the Farmers' and Mechanics' Bank, of Bath, and 
vice-president of the Bath and Hammondsport Railroad Com- 
pany. He was delegate-at-large to the New York State Con- 
stitutional Convention in 1894, in which he served as a 


member of the judiciary and suffrage committees, and as 
chairman of the committee on county, town and village 
officers. He is also a member of the Empire State Society of 
the Sons of the American Revolution, and an elder and trustee 
in the Presbyterian church. He is a member of the Masonic 
fraternity. He has traveled extensively in Europe. On one 
of his trips abroad he visited the place called " Parkhurst," 
on the Isle of Wight, where our ancestors many centuries ago 
made their home. He is now a Judge of the State Court of 
Claims, having been appointed by Governor Black in 1897 
for a term of six years. He heard and decided as referee the 
great litigations between the Mutual Life Insurance Company, 
of New York, and David C. Robinson, of Elmira, N. Y., 
involving a million and a half dollars. 

On July 2 ad, 1886, he married Alice McMaster, daughter 
of Guy H. McMaster and Amanda Church, who was born in 
Bath, N. Y., October 3Oth, 1860. They had two children : 

177 JULIET, born June 29th, 1887 ; died December 4th, 1888. 

178 GUY McMASTER, born September 26th, 1889. 

164 3a$ CurttS ffmrfcbUr0t, son of Curtis Parkhurst (51) 
and Jane Ann Kasson, born June 26th, 1845, at Lawrence- 
ville, Pa. ; married (ist), May 3d, 1870, at East Saginaw, Mich., 
Caroline Williams, daughter of Ellery G. Williams and 
Caroline Lyon, born September i5th, 1846, at Canandaigua, 
N. Y. She died May i4th, 1888, at Lawrenceville, Pa. Mar- 
ried (ad), June 29th, 1893, at Philadelphia, Pa., Goertner E. 
Mumford, daughter of the late Sylvester and Teresa Mumford, 
of Waynesville, Ga. In 1862 he went to East Saginaw, Mich., 
with his brother-in-law, W. W. Fish. Ten years later he en- 
gaged in business for himself, but poor health soon compelled 


him to abandon active business. He returned to Lawrence- 
ville, where he has resided for the past twenty years. He is 
an elder in the Presbyterian church. His two sons reside in 
Bath John Foster, 2d, confidential clerk to General Wm. F. 
Rogers, at the New York State Soldiers' and Sailors' Home, 
and Fred W., official stenographer of the Surrogate's court 
and for his uncle, John F. Parkhurst. He had six children 
by his first wife, of which the first three were born at Saginaw, 
Mich., and the last three at Lawrenceville, Pa. : 

179 BESSIE B., born July loth, 1871 ; died October i/Lth, 1873. 

1 80 JOHN FOSTER, 2d, born August 26th, 1873; resides at 
Bath, N. Y. 

181 FREDERICK WILLIAMS, born August i4th, 1875; 
resides at Bath, N. Y. 

182 JAMES B., born June i4th, 1878; died June i7th, 1878. 

183 ISABEL W., born September i7th, 1880; died August 
25th, 1 88 1. 

184 KATHARINE M., born September 3d, 1883. 

165 Catherine iparfcbum flDcjfafcfcen, daughter of 

Curtis Parkhurst (51) and Jane Ann Kasson, born May i8th, 
1847, at Lawrenceville, Pa. ; married, February i5th, 1883, 
Hugh McFadden, son of Benjamin McFadden and Martha E. 
Harper. He was born December 23d, 1846, at Sterling, 
Cayuga County, N. Y. His early life was spent on the farm. 
He attended the Falley Seminary at Fulton, N. Y., three 
years. In March, 1868, he went to DeKalb County, 111. In 
1875 he engaged in the wholesale cigar and tobacco business 
at Blobmington, 111., which he continued for eight years. In 
1884 he removed to Danville, 111., engaging in the drug 
business. In August, 1891, he removed to Chicago, 111., 


where he opened a loan and collection office. He is a lawyer 
by profession, admitted to the Cook County bar June 12th, 
1895. They reside at 6838 Sherman street, Chicago, 111. 
They had three children, the first, Joel P., was born at 
Lawrenceville, Pa., and the others at Danville, 111. : 

185 JOEL PARKHURST, born December 5th, 1883. 

1 86 BENJAMIN CURTIS, born March iyth, 1885. 

187 EDWIN COOK, born October 3d, 1887. 

1 66 (Babriel Ibarrower iparfcburet, son of Curtis 

hurst (51) and Jane Ann Kasson, born February I4th, 1849, 
at Lawrenceville, Pa. ; married, September gth, 1891, at Fort 
Worth, Texas, Lillian O. Holloway, daughter of Jesse R. 
Holloway and Laura Canady, who was born at Georgetown, 
111., October i9th, 1868. They had one child, a son, born 
August aoth, 1896, and died the same day. The mother died 
two days later, and was buried at Lawrenceville, Pa. She 
was a woman of true Christian character, with a bright, sunny 
disposition, which won her many friends and made her 
beloved by all who knew her. 

In 1883 he entered into partnership with N. J. Thompson 
and opened the first strictly jobbing house for hats and caps 
in Elmira, N. Y. After five years he sold his interest to 
his partner and went to El Dorado, Kan., where he, with 
others, organized the Merchants' National Bank, of which he 
was elected vice-president, and was actively engaged in the 
management of the bank until January, 1896, when he re- 
signed and retired from active business. He is now a partner 
in the El Dorado Mining Company, at Robinson, Colo., an(] 
is a member of the Empire State Society of the Sons of the 
American Revolution. He now resides at Bath, N. Y. 


52 2>r. Dexter parfcburst, son of John Parkhm-st (37) 

and Sarah Bnllard, born September 2ist, 1797, at Marl- 
borough, N. H. ; married, July 4th, 1823, Marian Speer. She 
was born August 27th, 1801. He located at Mansfield, 
Tioga County, Pa., where he had an extensive practice for 
many years. In 1836 he moved to Mainsburg, Pa., on his 
farm, where he devoted a great deal of time and money to the 
growing of choice fruits. He was an expert with his rifle, 
and many are the stories told of his skill with it. He re- 
sembled his father in appearance had the same beautiful 
white hair, keen eyes, and quiet manner. How well the 
writer remembers his visit to our home during Kasson's last 
sickness. He thought him the handsomest old gentleman 
that he had ever seen. He died June 2d, 1866, at the home- 
stead in Mainsburg. He was survived four years by his wife, 
who died at Mainsbiirg, October i4th, 1870. They had six 
children, the first four being born at Mansfield : 

188 PORTER DEXTER, born March i5th, 1824; married' 
(ist), June 5th, 1849, Sarah D. Pinkham ; (2d) September 
24th, 1860, Sarah Ophelia Young. 

189 DR. PHILANDER J., born August 5th, 1827 ; died Sep- 
tember 1 7th, 1851. 

190 DR. PHILEMON, born August igth, 1830; married, 
January ist, 1852, Rosilla Fox. 

191 BALDWIN, born March 8th, 1832 ; married, January 3d, 
1856, Celia E. Maine. 

192 SARAH MARIA, born June 29th, 1837 ; married, Febru- 
ary 3d, 1857, Edwin R. Maine. 

193 CHARLES FRANK, born November i4th, 1849 ; married, 
December 5th, 1872, Jennie C. Cudworth. 

188 porter Dexter JParfcbUrSt, son of Dexter Parkhurst 
(52) and Marian Speer, born March i5th, 1824, at Mansfield, 
Pa. ; married (ist), June 5th, 1849, Sarah D. Pinkham. She 


died at Mainsburg, Pa., May 8th, 1859. Married (ad), Sep- 
tember 24th, 1860, Sarah Ophelia Young, daughter of Francis 
and Belle Young, who was born at Covington, Pa., March 
28th, 1837, and died at Painted Post, N. Y., September i8th, 
1883. He was for many years a merchant at Painted Post ; 
now resides at Lestershire, N. Y. He had four children by 
his second wife : 

194 FRANK DEXTER, born September 29th, 1861 ; married, 
February 26th, 1888, Katharine E. Cheney. 

195 MARK C., born May 26th, 1863; died July i8th, 1882. 

196 MARIA BELLE, born June nth, 1867 '> married, July 27th, 
1892, George Bullis. 

197 CHARLES LESLIE, born February 23d, 1871 ; married, 
June 26th, 1895, Luella L. Aldrich. 

194 Jfranfe Dexter parfcburet, son of Porter Dexter 

Parkhurst (188) and Sarah Ophelia Young, born September 
29th, 1 86 1, at Covington, Pa. ; married, February 26th, 1888, 
Katharine E. Cheney, daughter of Hugh L. Cheney and Mary 
E. Mook. She was born at Groveport, Ohio, June i3th, 1865. 
They reside at Columbus, Ohio. They had one child : 
198 MARY FLORENCE, born July 27th, 1890. 

196 flDarta Belle BulliS, daughter of Porter Dexter 
Parkhurst (188) and Sarah Ophelia Young, born June nth, 
1867, at Covington, Pa. ; married, July 27th, 1892, George 
Bullis. They reside at Lestershire, N. Y. They had one child : 

199 MILTON P., born May 24th, 1893. 

197 Cbarles TLeslie parfcburst, son of Porter Dexter 

Parkhurst (188) and Sarah Ophelia Young, born February 
23d, 1871, at Painted Post, N. Y. ; married, June 26th, 1895, 
Luella Louise Aldrich, daughter of Alphonso J. Aldrich and 
Mary Beach. She was born December ist, 1871, at Nunda, 
N. Y. He is a stenographer, and they reside at Buffalo, N. Y. 


190 S)r. pbtlCmOn iparfcblirSt, son of Dexter Parkhurst 
(52) and Marian Speer, born August igth, 1830, at Mansfield, 
Pa. ; married, January ist, 1852, Rosilla Fox, daughter of 
John Fox and Deborah Rickard. She was born at Mains- 
burg, Pa., November 3d, 1833. He died at Scipio, N. Y., 
July 27th, 1893. He was a successful practitioner, and took 
great interest in the Methodist church, of which he was a 
member. In politics he was a Republican. His widow re- 
sides at Scipio, N. Y. They had four children : 

200 EUGENE FOX, born March 2d, 1853 '> married, Decem- 
ber 1 5th, 1874, Telia Strong. 

201 EDGAR DEXTER, born October 3ist, 1855; married, 
October 25th, 1876, Grace M. Simons. 

202 EMMA TILLIE, born August i2th, 1861 ; married, Octo- 
ber 1 9th, 1 88 1, Lloyd Howell. 

203 JOHN RAYMOND, born December 3d, 1873 ; resides at 
Scipio, N. Y. 

200 EU^ene JfOX parfcbUr0t, son of Philemon Parkhurst 
(190) and Rosilla Fox, born March 2d, 1853, at Mainsburg, 
Pa. ; married, December i5th, 1874, Telia Strong, daughter 
of John Strong and Theodocia Lucas, of Mainsburg, Pa. He 
died November i3th, 1896. His home was at Spring Valley, 
Fillmore County, Minn. They had two children : 

204 FRED EUGENE, born December i5th, 1877. 

205 LELA ROSILLA, born November 28th, 1885. 

201 jet>$ar DeXter parfcbUrSt, son of Philemon Park- 
hurst (190) and Rosilla Fox, born October 3ist, 1855, at Mains- 
burg, Pa. ; married, October 25th, 1876, Grace Marian Simons, 
daughter of Jeremiah Simons and Caroline Bishop, who was 
born October ist, 1857, at Union Springs, N. Y. They re- 
side at Scipio, N. Y. They had four children : 

206 SEWARD, born December nth, 1879. 

207 BLANCHE, born October i ith, 1883; died March 3oth, 1893. 

208 EDITH, born January i2th, 1890. 

209 HELEN, born September i5th, 1892. 


202 Emma Gillie IbOWell, daughter of Philemon Park- 
hurst (190) and Rosilla Fox, born August I2th, 1861, at 
Mainsburg, Pa. ; married, October igth, 1881, Lloyd Ho well, 
son of Isaac Howell and Johanna Beardsley. He was born 
April 1 9th, 1858, at Scipio, N. Y. They reside at Owasco 
Lake, N. Y. They had one child : 

210 HAROLD C., born May 25th, 1888. 

3BaR>Win parfcbUret, son of Dexter Parkhurst (52) 
and Marian Speer, born March 8th, 1832, at Mansfield, Pa. ; 
married, January 3d, 1856, Celia E. Maine, daughter of 
Horace S. Maine and Minerva B. Beecher. She was born 
July 23d, 1836, at Mainsburg, Pa., and died November gth, 
1890. He died January 27th, 1888. He was an active mer- 
chant at Mainsburg for many years, and was largely instru- 
mental in the building of the handsome brick Methodist 
church. They had no children. 

192 Sarab flDatia flDame t daughter of Dexter Parkhurst 
(52) and Marian Speer, born June 29th, 1837, at Mainsburg, 
Pa. ; married, February 3d, 1857, Edwin R. Maine, son of 
John Maine and Nancy Spencer. He was born February 
28th, 1830, at Mainsburg, Pa. She died August i4th, 1866. 
They had two children : 

211 HOWARD P., born January 23d, 1858; married, Decem- 
ber 1 3th, 1883, Mary E. Elliott. 

212 CHARLES L., born February i7th, 1865; married, Octo- 
ber nth, 1893, Jennie E. Herrington. 

211 IbOWai'fc ff>arfc flDaine, son of Edwin R. Maine and 
Sarah Maria Parkhurst (192), born at Mainsburg, Pa., January 
23d, 1858; married, December i3th, 1883, Mary E. Elliott, 
daughter of Orson V. Elliott and Celia Kelly. She was born 
at West Covington, Pa., April 25th, 1861, and died at Mans- 


field, Pa., February igth, 1894. He now resides at Mains- 
burg. They had five children. 

213 JOSEPH HOWARD, born April 28th, 1885. 

214 EDWIN ELLIOTT, born June igth, 1887. 

215 MALCOLM, born September 3d, 1892 ; died August 26th, 

216 I f CHARLES ALBERT, born February 6th, 1894. 

217? t HOWARD ALBA, born February 6th, 1894; died De- 
cember 1 5th, 1894. 

212 Dr. CbarleS X* flDainC, son of Edwin R. Maine and 
Sarah Maria Parkhurst (192), born February i7th, 1865, at 
Mainsburg, Pa. ; married, October nth, 1893, Jennie E. Her- 
rington, daughter of Charles Herrington and Sarah J. Mathers, 
who was born at Wellsboro, Pa., January 3Oth, 1868. He 
graduated May i5th, 1892, at the College of Physicians and 
Surgeons, Baltimore, Md. He settled at Helvetia, Pa., and 
at once began the practice of his profession. In 1893 he was 
elected a member of the board of visiting physicians of Adrian 
Hospital, at DeLancey, Pa. In 1894 he was appointed railroad 
surgeon of the M. V. R. R. 

193 Cbarles Jranft jparftburst, son of Dexter Parkhuist 

(52) and Marian Speer, born November i4th, 1849, a ^ Mains- 
biirg, Pa. ; married, December 5th, 1872, Jennie Cudworth, 
daughter of James Cudworth and Lydia J. Whittaker. She 
was born in Richmond Township, Tioga County, Pa., October 
7th, 1853. They reside on the farm at Mainsburg, Pa. They 
had one child : 

218 CARL LEON, born March 27th, 1876; married, February 
1 8th, 1895, Nettie L. Perry. 

218 Carl XCOU IPar ft bUrSt, son of Charles F. Parkhurst 
(193) and Jennie Cudworth, born March 27th, 1876, at Mains- 
burg, Pa. ; married, February i8th, 1895, Nettie L. Perry, 
daughter of Almeron M. Perry and Jennie Davey, born March 
25th, 1877, at Richmond, Pa. They reside at Mainsburg, Pa. 


53 30Cl iPaVfcbUret, son of John Parkhnrst (37) and Sarah 
Billiard, born April 8th, 1800, at Marlborough, N. H. ; mar- 
ried (ist), November i6th, 1835, Emeline R. Allen, daughter of 
Edward Allen and Anna Richard, born December I3th, 1815, 
at Bridgewater, N. Y. She died at Elkland, Pa., October 29th, 
1854. Married (ad), May i4th, 1856, Widow Martha H. Steel, 
daughter of Benjamin Harrower and Dinah Mersereau, who 
was born at Lawrenceville, Pa., June 27th, 1822, and died in 
New York City, February nth, 1889, and was buried at 
Elkland, Pa. At the age of seventeen years he commenced 
teaching school. This was continued until he was twenty- 
two years old, his spare time being devoted to the study of 
medicine. In the spring of 1822 he went to Michigan as a 
government surveyor. Later he returned to Richmond, N. H., 
and went to work as a clerk for two years at $150 per year 
and board. On settling with his employer he received his 
salary in merchandise, and went to Mansfield, Pa., where he 
started in business for himself. In 1826 he went to Lawrence- 
ville, Pa., and formed a co-partnership with his brother, Curtis, 
which was continued until 1828. He then went to Elkland, 
Pa., and his business soon grew to large proportions, which 
made him the leading merchant of the valley. He continued 
extending his biisiness until the Rebellion, when he was able 
to take the county bonds, issued by the commissioners of 
Tioga County, and furnished the means for the payment of 
bounties to our volunteers. About this time he opened a 
bank, taking into the company his son-in-law, Charles L. 
Pattison, and John Parkhurst, under the name of Joel Park- 
hurst & Co. He was largely instrumental in the building of 
the Cowanesque Valley railroad, of which he was made 
president. In 1876 he erected the present brick High School 
building and gave it to the village. He also gave the Pres- 
byterian church its parsonage. He was an elder in the church, 
and was identified with its interests, contributing liberally 
toward the support of the gospel. Politically he was a Repub- 
lican, and one of the most influential citizens of the county. 
He died at Elkland, Pa., December 6th, 1884, leaving an 


estate valued at more than a million dollars. In 1890 his 
children erected a beautiful memorial church in his memory, 
at a cost of twenty thousand dollars, at Elkland, Pa. 

He had eight children by his first wife, Emeline R. Allen, 
and two children by his second wife, Martha Harrower : 

219 EDWARD JOEL, born October i4th, 1837; died August 
1 5th, 1840. 

220 JOHN CLAY, born December 25th, 1839; died March 
1 3th, 1850. 

221 SARAH MARIA, born November 9th, 1841 ; died June 
1 8th, 1850. 

222 ANNA STELLA, born November 3oth, 1843; married, 
October 2ist, 1868, Charles L. Pattison. 

223 MARY, born March ist, 1846; died March 4th, 1846. 

224 FRANK, born January 24th, 1848; died April 26th, 1860. 

225 CURTIS S., born March loth, 1852 ; died March i3th, 

226 CHARLES, born August loth, 1854; died December 6th, 

227 SUSAN AMELIA, born May 26th, 1857; married, March 
9th, 1887, J. B. Grier. 

228 BENJAMIN H., born October 28th, 1861 ; married, Octo- 
ber 7th, 1896, Marian M. Moon. 

222 Hnna iparfcburet pattieon, daughter of joei 

hurst (53) and Emeline R. Allen, born November 3oth, 1843, a ^ 
Elkland, Pa. ; married, October 2ist, 1868, Charles L. Patti- 
son, son of Thurman Pattison and Susan Wilson Bishop. He 
was born February i6th, 1841, at Chester, Warren County, 
N. Y. The family moved to Lawrenceville, Pa., in 1847. 
He went to Fall Brook, Pa., in the employ of the Fall Brook 
Coal Company, in 1860, and soon rose to the position of 
cashier of the company. In '1869 he removed to Elkland, 
Pa., and became a partner in the banking firm of Joel Park- 
hurst & Co., a business in which he showed great ability. In 


1882 he organized the company which built the Addison 
and Northern Pennsylvania railroad, he becoming its presi- 
dent. His business became so extensive that he took up the 
study of law, for the service it could be to him in managing 
his large estate. In 1888 he was admitted to the Tioga 
County bar. On August ist, 1889, the name of the bank 
was changed to C. L. Pattison & Co., which was continued 
until his death, in Philadelphia, Pa., April loth, 1896. Mr. 
Pattison was a liberal minded man, both in theory and prac- 
tice. He was of high moral character and rare business 
ability. He gave freely from his large means, but without 
ostentation, many of his charitable gifts being unknown, ex- 
cept to the beneficiaries themselves. They had no children. 

227 Susan iparfcburst (Brier, daughter of joei Park- 

h first (53) and Martha Harrower, born at Elkland, Pa., May 
26th, 1857 ; married, March gth, 1887, Rev. J. B. Grier. As 
a child at school she was remarkable for her extraordinary 
insight and rare common sense. She was a beautiful, noble 
w r oman. She died at Geneva, Switzerland, September 25th, 
1891, and is buried at Elkland, Pa. Her husband, John Boyd 
Grier, was born at Danville, Pa., August 26th, 1843. He was 
graduated at Lafayette College in 1864. He was a private in 
the 1 38th Pennsylvania regiment in 1863, an d was principal 
of the Wellsboro Academy in 1864-1865. He studied 
theology at Alleghany in 1867-1869, and was adjunct pro- 
fessor of modern languages and rhetoric at Lafayette and 
author of studies in the English of Bunyan in 1869-1872. 
Since 1873 ne ^ as Deen pastor at Lawrenceville, Pa., Jack- 
sonville, Fla., Danville and Lewisburg, Pa. He was Com- 
mencement Orator at Lafayette College in 1889, at which 
time the degree of D. D. was conferred upon him by his 
Alma Mater. Since the death of his wife he has resided at 
Elkland, Pa. They had no children. 


228 Benjamin Ibarrower iparfcburst, 

liurst (53) and Martha Harrower, born at Elkland, Pa., 
October 28th, 1861 ; married, October yth, 1896, Marian 
Murray Moon, youngest daughter of Rev. Solomon H. Moon, 
D. D., Ph. D., and Charlotte Brandt. In 1882 he was urged 
to take the presidency of the Addison and Northern Pennsyl- 
vania railroad, but declined, accepting a place as director. 
He has always been actively interested in religious work. 
When quite young he united with the Presbyterian church 
at Elkland, of which he is an elder and trustee, and superin- 
tendent of the Sunday school. He has had charge of the 
choir for the past fifteen years, is a fine singer and a cultured 
student of music. His business interests have been very ex- 
tensive, adding much to the prosperity of his native village. 
He has traveled extensively in this country and Europe. He 
resides at Elkland, Pa. 

54 flDartba parfcburst Seel^e, daughter of John 

hurst (37) and Sarah Bullard, born April 2d, 1803, at Marl- 
borough, N. H. ; married, July 25th, 1827, Micajah Seelye. 
She died at Lawrenceville, Pa., February ist, 1856. He was 
the first white child born in the town of Lindley, Steuben 
County, N. Y. He was an active business man all his life, 
and his lumber interests were extensive. He died at Law- 
renceville, Pa., October 27th, 1864. They had three children : 

229 LINDSLEY PARKHURST, born August 2oth, 1828; 
married, December 3oth, 1853, Martha Booth. 

230 SARAH EVANS, born December 3ist, 1834; resides in 
Toledo, Ohio. She is a fine singer and a highly cultured 

231 ELIZABETH, born August nth, 1837; died November 
9th, 1855. 


229 1Unt>0le\> JParfcbUrSt SCCl^e, son of Micajah Seelye 

and Martha Parkhurst (54), born August 2oth, 1828; married, 
December 3Oth, 1852, at Ballston Spa, N. Y., Martha Booth, 
daughter of Selbues Booth, and Lucretia Foot, born May 
2oth, 1830, at Ballston Spa. He was a merchant at that place 
for many years, and his widow still resides there. He died 
June roth, 1868. They had two children : 

232 CAROLINE KENT, born October 2oth, 1853; married, 
September 6th, 1876, William H. Burr. 

233 SARAH ELIZABETH, born December 26th, 1854; mar- 
ried, October 22d, 1884, William M. Ver Plank. 

232 Caroline IfceUt Butt, daughter of Lindsley Parkhurst 
Seelye (229) and Martha Booth, born October 2oth, 1853, at 
Ballston Spa, N. Y. ; married, September 6th, 1876, William 
Hulbert Burr. She died in New York City, May ist, 1894. 
They had three children : 

234 MARIAN ELIZABETH, born June 29th, 1881. 

235 WILLIAM FAIRFIELD, born February 7th, 1884. 

236 GEORGE LINDSLEY, born August 29th, 1889. 

233 Sarab jeiisabetb IflerflManfc, daughter of 

Parkhurst Seelye (229) and Martha Booth, born December 
26th, 1854, at Ballston Spa, N. Y. ; married, October 22d, 
1884, William M. Ver Plank. They had no children. 

55 jebenCSer JfiSfc jpmrfcbUrSt, son of John Parkhurst 
(37) and Sarah Bullard, born November ist, 1807, at Marl- 
borough, N. H. ; married, November 8th, 1829, Demis Brown, 
daughter of Aden Brown and Lydia Parmenter, born July 
24th, 1809, in Massachusetts, and died at Springfield, Pa., 
on February 9th, 1887. He was only six years of age when 
his father moved from New Hampshire, and his entire life 
was spent on the farm. He was a Christian gentleman, and 


took an active part in all church matters. He died at the 
old home, October i5th, 1892. They had five children : 

237 LYDIA, born March ist, 1832 ; married, October 5th, 1853, 
Frank Loveland. 

238 JOHN C., born August 2ist, 1833; married, July 4th, 
1864, Frankie Smith. 

239 CYNTHIA H., born March 2d, 1836 ; died February i8th, 

240 ELSIA A., born February nth, 1841 ; married, January 
3oth, 1 86 1, Rodney H. Cooley. 

241 NORTHWAY, born December 2d, 1844; married, June 
1 8th, 1884, Mary E. King. 

237 3l\>t>ia XOVClanfc, daughter of Ebenezer F. Parkhurst 
(55) and Demis Brown, born March ist, 1832, at Springfield, 
Pa. ; married, October 5th, 1853, Frank Loveland. She died 
at Elkland, Pa., February i6th, 1886. They had one child : 

242 FRANK P., born February 7th, 1857 ; died April 26th, 

238 JObn <L parfcbUr0t, son of Ebenezer F. Parkhurst 
(55) and Demis Brown, born August 2 ist, 1833, at Spring- 
field, Pa. ; married, July 4th, 1864, Frankie Smith, daughter 
of Seth Smith and Harietta Huggins. He died at Springfield, 
Pa., March 2d, 1865. They had no children. 

240 jl6ia B* dOOlClp, daughter of Ebenezer F. Parkhurst 
(55) and Demis Brown, born February nth, 1841 ; married, 
January 3oth, 1861, Rodney H. Cooley, of Troy, Pa. She 
died February 3d, 1885, at Troy, Pa. They had two children : 

243 ANNA P., born December nth, 1869; married, April 
27th, 1892, Albion Budd. 

244 HELEN, born March 26th, 1863; died May 191!!, 1863. 


243 Hnna IParfcbUr0t BUfcfc, daughter of Rodney H. 
Cooley and Elsia A. Parkhurst (240), born December nth, 
1869, at Troy, Pa. ; married, April 27th, 1892, Albion Budd. 
They reside at Troy, Pa. 

241 1ROrtbWa parfebUtet, son of Ebenezer F. Parkhurst 
(55) and Deinis Brown, born December ad, 1844, at Spring-- 
field, Pa. ; married, June i8th, 1884, Mary E. King, daughter 
of Samuel King and Margaret A. Pine, of Lansingburg, N. Y. 
He died at the old homestead at Springfield, Pa., October 
29th, 1896, and his widow still resides there. They had two 
children : 

245 ETTIE, born June i8th, 1886; died July 2ist, 1886. 

246 GERTRUDE M., born September i3th, 1890. 

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